PLAN 1.0


PLAN creates new vision fields to fill in spaces in an ingenious way.
This rewrites impossibilities in the environment for a new groundbreaking plan.

Society grows into an environment where they encourage each other to see more.

Shared understanding to use the space to exploit in an ingenious way.

The collection is created from this core.
Focused on the future develops PLAN new vision which evolved from
pioneering vision fields.
The constant search for challenges to make the impossible possible, combining innovation and challenge mode.Includes
the inspiration for the collection PLAN 1.0.
Created for the free and creative woman who chooses awareness about themselves, the environment and the possibilities.
No limits, but an anonymous look at discovery.
PLAN 1.0 offers an ingenious translation of the character of planning and customer. 



The Collection book (click for full screen version)




- In Cooperation with the Amsterdam Fashion Institute
- Fashion Designers: Denice Bottse, Rosa van der Horst,

Jessy Homburg en Mynhan Nguyen

- Photographer: Robin Bakker

- Make-Up: Cristina Vila
- Models: Stephanie Oonk, Natasja Rosic and Emma Cornelisse