So you are probably thinking.... another designer with a website. But this page is actually a sum of all cool projects I have been working on. Just to give you an idea on my interests and capabilities.


I'm a Surinamese gyal living in The Hague and three years ago I graduated from AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute).


On my journey to find my perfect fit I started as a freelance designer, trying to explore everything that has to do with creativity and passion. Working on projects in Fashion, Concept design, Graphic design and Apparel. But I am always ready to take new projects, so if you know something please don't hesitate to contact me!


After working as a freelance designer for start-ups like LIONA Soccer, YORIS clothing, Boutallion and TOS-Gallery I got a traineeship at ASICS & Onitsuka Tiger as Lifestyle color and material footwear designer. This is how my footwear journey started. After ASICS i worked for Bjorn Borg, Gaastra and NZA (New Zealand Auckland) and Filling Pieces as footwear designer. 


My vision is to create strong, innovative, playful, liberating products. I like to focus on heritage and tradition and rediscover them through the lens of current values, behaviour and trends. Through this process I aim at allowing masculinity to take its own shape rather than it being constrained into outdated social stereotypes. Odd or seemingly incompatible combinations and subversive imagery often inspire me. I enjoy the visual strength of multiplicity and repetition, and I easily relate to fun and playful textures and colours.




- Vision & Innovate

- Pattern drawing Ideas & Concepts

- Creative & Modern

- Cads & Technical Textiles 



 Streetwear, Denim, Sports, Footwear, Films, Dance, Interior Design, Architecture, Photography, Art, Painting, Drawing, Graphic Design, Textiles & Gaming. 



Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Amsterdam

Bachelor of Fashion Technology


2007 - 2010

Ewald P. Meyer Lyceum, Paramaribo

VWO in Economics & Society